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2006 August : Positive Peace

Your music reminds me a bit of Coldplay-Travis-Radiohead put together.

I like it. The music feels one. You listen to this band and you know that there is harmony within the band members(at least when they are playing music).

You know the music is good when a person wants to listen to the same song again instead of moving on to the next one in the playlist.

Suggestion: I feel you should put up your videos on Google Video instead of YouTube as it is easier to download(directly as *.avi) from Google Video and it offers better quality.

I am an Indian.. i Do not understand the language(some songs) she is singing in… but there is something in the voice.. and the music is also amazing… i love it… worth listening at least once for sure even if you do not understand what she is singing… the accoustic guitar and the violin are as much a part of the songs as the voice..

Long live music and Jamendo 🙂

Have you done it ? How often do you do it ? Often(2-3 times a week) I go up to the terrace of my building and then climb the rusted ladder to reach the top of the water-tank and just lie down and stare at the sky.

I watch the clouds move and admire the formations. My mind feels free from stress or pressures of any kind. I can think. I can think positively. & peacefully. I hear the silence of the atmosphere and the faint noise of kids playing somewhere. The freshness that monsoon brings, and the cool breeze.

It feels very pleasant and I decide I should frequently come here. The view is of a tropical paradise getting urbanized. In one direction are the dense palm trees and the beautiful green grass, whereas in the other direction there are residential buildings being constructed.
I love the serenity and the sky. Can’t really tell how close or how far away is it from me. It seems distant as well as very close. Its fun lying down and merely staring at the sky… Time for me to go and stare at the sky.

This is the 1st post. Its more like “Hello World… I got my blog”

Why the name Positive Peace ? These two words almost define everything that I want and aim for I am a peaceful and positive(try to be as much as possible) person. I am a Peace Hippie. What follows is some of my thoughts and experiences recorded online.

I am happy and content. Got a lot of dreams to chase and a lot to accomplish. The words “Yeh life ke race lambi hai” keep buzzing in my head. Its a lil funny that most of my friends fail to understand the reason why I didn’t take up any job. Simple: I dont want to be employed under anybody. I want to take some risks and make decisions on my own. I want the fruits of my work and labour to be enjoyed by me. I do not want the leftovers(popularly known as the monthly salary). If you disagree over here, you probably will never understand what i got to say.

What am I going to do with this blog/website? Podcast music and keep a record of my life.

I am passionate about Music, Spiritual Life, Travel, FOSS(Free & Open Source Software includes Firefox, GNU-Linux, etc) ….

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