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2006 September : Positive Peace

I’ve always liked Vin Diesel. This movie is based on a true story and almost all of the court dialogues are a part of the trial (or so they claim). A 600+ day long trial. In India, this would be ordinary, in fact it would be fast. The 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case is still on. The blasts were a major criminal event and still it took 13 years.

Coming back to the movie, the most striking part is the attitude with which Vin Diesel is leading his life. The soundtrack is very apt. He decides to defend himself instead of hiring a lawyer and most of the movie is filmed in a courtroom or a prison. If a criminal can have such a strong sense of loyalty towards his friends and family, why are the law-abiding citizens backstabbing and cheating one another? Nobody is perfect, the movie simply depicts how everybody has mixed values and find themselves in a courtroom. Even the prosecutor is going out his way and trying too hard to win the case. The movie has a sense of humour.

Overall i would give the movie a 7/10 rating.

I watched these 2 in a single day! 9/10 is how I would rate them. Both are mostly about how things went terribly wrong for the Jews in Germany and Poland during World War II. Either the Jews were an exception to Human Rights or the Nazis weren’t human themselves to percieve other humans.

I strongly recommend watching both the movies at least once. Once you watch them your perspective on life and freedom is bound to become more profound.

Some things seem absolutely unfair, there’s no explanation and there’s nothing you can do about it. What is the relevance of human life in the overall scheme of world politics?

Yahoo Music has a large collection of popular music videos(video streams) for “watching” and not downloading. Also you need a Yahoo account to access the collection. Once you login you are bombarded with ads on the Yahoo Music website.However, there is a workaround. Some of you might already know this, this post is for the benefit of those who don’t.

  1. The method is described for Windows users. If you use GNU-Linux, The method is similar, continue reading and you’ll understand what needs to be done on other operating systems.
  2. Download and install Lyfox and SDP.
  3. Search for your artist(or song) in Lyfox and choose your video.
  4. “Copy” the link in the text box at the bottom to your clipboard.
  5. Now, in SDP… do File>Open and simply “Paste” the link in the small window that opens up and hit OK.
  6. Press the “Go” button and choose the location to save the videoand hit OK.
  7. Your download shall start if everything has been smooth so far.

Statutory Warning:
This is/could be illegal. I really don’t know what the law in your state/country. Read this only as a text imparting knowledge. You are not encouraged to do anything illegal.

As these are the early days of my blog-website, I am fiddling around with it. I have begun adding links. To all my friends whose blogs I have missed, i have 2 messages for you: 1) settle down on one regular blog and 2) simply let me know… once you do these things, i shall add a link to your blog.

This links section is really handy when i want to check my email. The link provided by google for “Google apps for your domains” is not much fun to type every single time. (Yes, i use Gmail-like interface for my email and Google hosts it.)

When you ask somebody something embarrassing or something they simply want to avoid or if you point out somebody’s shortcoming, the person “portrays” ignorance, in his/her defence.

The person is trying to hold the attitude to the effect of “What’s the big deal?” or “Oh really? I never knew/noticed!” or “Who cares?”

The outcome of their reaction:

  1. You can’t really press the topic further(after all its not a big deal to talk about) and if it doesn’t strike this to you as a case of POIAD, then you are just hanging there wondering “wasn’t I correct?” or “After all it was for his/her good, why doesn’t he/she understand?”.
  2. At the same time the person who has indulged in POIAD feels that he/she has won the argument by silencing you.

The truth behind POIAD:

  • You can actually rejoice that the person has indirectly admitted that your point was right.
  • He/she is really uncomfortable talking about the subject.
  • Be sympathetic(if you can) and try to understand that its not fun criticizing somebody(even your friends) and “imposing” solutions (suggesting is different from imposing solutions).
  • You understand their fallacy and you have nothing to loseWeight Exercise, hence let the other person save his face.

Words of Caution about POAID:

  1. Don’t apply POAID unless you fully understand it.
  2. Even if you understand POAID it is not really applicable in all circumstances.
  3. Use your intelligence while making decisions unless you want to practice POAID yourself.
  4. POIAD is patented in my research papers so don’t bother publishing it as a piece of your genius creation.

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