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2007 April : Positive Peace

I strongly feel Mozilla Firefox is the best browser there is. The top 3 reasons that make it my favourite:

  1. FREE (as in freedom)
  2. Control (to customize it using add-ons)
  3. Cross platform… be it Windows or GNU-Linux or Mac its always there.

Maybe there are other browsers which don’t consume 200+ MB of RAM… however none are as extensible as Firefox. My internet experience is actually defined by the way I have conditioned myself to browse and surf the Internet through this browser. I love it and here is a list of the add-ons which I use.

Add-ons I use heavily:

  1. Gmail Manager
  2. GreaseMonkey
  3. FireFTP
  4. Tab Mix Plus
  5. Video Downloader
  6. Google Browser Sync
  7. All-in-One SideBar
  8. Google Toolbar
  9. IE Tab
  10. Foxy Tunes
  11. Auto-Copy
  12. Tab Counter
  13. WordPress Sidebar
  14. Firefox Extension Backup Extension (FEBE)
  15. Nightly Tester Tools

Add-ons I use regularly but not heavily:

  1. Scribefire (used to be Performancing)
  2. Add-to-Netvibes
  3. Linkification
  4. Smart Middle Click
  5. StumbleUpon Toolbar
  6. Amazing Media Browser
  7. FlashGot
  8. Bumble Search
  9. Google Advanced Operations Toolbar
  10. FullerScreen
  11. Gmail Space
  12. Gmail Skins
  13. User Agent Switcher
  14. Faviconize Tab
  15. Customize Google
  16. PDF Download

Extensions which I don’t use so often:

  1. Page Addict
  2. Stock Ticker
  3. GooglePedia
  4. DragDropUpload
  5. BugMeNot
  6. Google Notebook
  7. Resize Search Box
  8. TalkBack

Gimmicky extensions but i still like them and use them:

  1. Splash
  2. Colorful Tabs
  3. Tab Sidebar
  4. Tab Effect (I enable it to show off otherwise its disabled)

Somewhat Annoying Add-ons:

  1. Download Statusbar
  2. Split Panel

Add-ons that I realized I’ve already installed and am now considering getting rid of them:

  1. Dictionary Lookup Extension
  2. InformEnter
  3. Answers
  4. Clipmarks (Google Notebook makes more sense to me than this fancy add-on)
  5. CoolIris Previews
  6. Free Download Manager Plugin (coz i already have FlashGot)
  7. GTD Inbox

Add-ons which I used at home and have stopped using after joining Google:

  1. Adsense Notifier (I had to shut my Adsense account)
  2. Adblock Plus (I work on internet Ads!)
  3. Mouse Gestures (to learn more keyboard shortcuts instead)

On Themes:
Due to the number of add-ons I use, there is no single theme which works without breaking the aesthetics. I did find the Mario Bros. and Harley Davidson themes amusing. And have tried several popular themes like Noia, Pinball, Redshift, Midnight Fox, Aluminium Kai 2, etc. However, eventually the default theme “just works” for me.

This is just a classification on my usage and preferences. This doesnt necessarily imply the extension is bad (or good). In fact the choice of all these extensions is what makes Firefox so special. There is something for everybody. I really admire the effort put in by everybody involved in the development of all the add-ons out there.

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