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2007 July : Positive Peace


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I can’t sleep anymore. Never thought I would suffer from this. I am perpetually awake till its time to catch up on sleep for 4-5 hours. I am blogging right now, coz there is this feeling you get before you start blogging which tells you that you’ll get something off your chest and you will be a different person, probably turn a new page or something. Well, that never really happens. Nor do I have anything to take off my chest.

Listening to Bob Dylan, dreaming about life, what life will be like in the near future & what life has been in the last 18 months. Just cant seem to fall asleep.

Random thoughts… self reflection on the last time I was away in Sindhudurg, a place called Rock Garden. It was a small garden, beautiful lawns, made around the sea-side rocks. I was sitting there looking at the sunset. I like to call it the solar psychedelia.

I somehow realize that money is NOT more important than time. I can’t go back in time to enjoy the sunset, or even be on the beach at home. It is just not possible in this land locked city.

I grew up obtaining software & installing it. I didnt have an internet connection… would have to pay by the minute to use internet. However, today something has gone wrong with my hard disk, terribly wrong, it has trouble booting, is noisy if it manages to boot & is very slow when it runs. Its a 25-30 day old 250GB Seagate SATA hard disk. I spent over an hour trying to fix it, was behaving randomly, got bored. I still wanted to use the comp. I put a live cd in & am online.

I have music through soma.fm, chatting with everyone through Meebo, blogging over here, spent a lot of time reading feeds through Google Reader & also spent time browsing without missing my hard disk. Perhaps, the only thing i miss is the movies dat i could have watched. I cant have movies streaming in super fast on the connection i have @ home , its a simple 64k connection, costs me 450 rupees per month… should translate to about 6 UK pounds or roughly 12-13 US$

However, the point is, hard disk was not missed much. I will need the hdd for the following things:

  1. Burn DVDs
  2. Use Picasa
  3. Gaming
  4. general storage

Am pissed @ the way h/w just ditched me… am happy Linux Live CDs are at the rescue. Amarok is amazing & so is Firefox, i miss the extensions though… so a long term project would be to make a proper Live CD which has everything i would want… wherever i go.

I stay informed, thru RSS feeds coming into Google Reader & it has a cool feature that lets me share my feeds with everyone. And there is an RSS feed for these shared items… which forms a blog in itself. (with no customization whatsoever). Popularly, this has come to be called as LinkBlog. This is my LinkBlog and this is the RSS feed. You know you are cool when you will be spotted on this LinkBlog of mine 🙂

There should be a tool such that I could blog at the speed of thought. On second thoughts, there shouldn’t be. It could get bloggers into trouble. I’ve been busy as well as lazy.

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