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2008 July 02 : Positive Peace

Afrin and me started a photoblog at www.indiadailyphoto.com (will be referred as iDp from now on). It was Afrin’s idea and I was sold immediately. We argued and debated for 2 days over what the exact domain name should be and eventually both of us were happy with www.indiadailyphoto.com . I set up a WordPress install and tried out all the photoblogging themes we could come across. I even posted one photograph, and then conveniently forgot about it. After a couple of weeks I discover that Afrin has actually been posting a photograph, every single day. EVERY DAY, yes!

She was running out of photos and urged me to post. After another week or so, Sasidhar joined in and then the ball was rolling. Bharath, Anupreet and Paul also joined the bandwagon. We all have chosen a day of the week when we post a photo. Over the weeks after a very very long evolving Gmail thread we have more or less realized an unwritten understanding of what we will post – the photograph should tell a story(at least a snippet) about India and/or be a stunning photograph, preferably both. It has to be clicked by the author and has to be clicked in India.

This is perhaps the only serious attempt of colloborative photoblogging that I am aware of and I am a part of. Some current memories related to iDp:

  1. I have started giving even more importance to photography.
  2. Got to know Bharath & Paul and has overall brought all 6 of us together.
  3. It was amazing for all of us to sit on the little lawn in office and chit-chat about the blog.
  4. Bharath has put in a ton of effort to try out all the photoblogging themes available for WordPress.
  5. We have clicked photographs using digicams, iPhones apart from the DSLRs. Sometimes better photographs are clicked using a simple camera. Proves the point that photography is in the vision and the camera is usually just a tool to capture it.

Will post more about it soon. Till then bookmark www.indiadailyphoto.com and check it out every day.

PS: Americans are liking our iDp concept. Ryan – an inspired soul (who has already been a guest blogger on a couple of Sundays) has actually purchased the domain sfdailyphoto.com and will be posting photos of San Francisco once he goes back home.

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