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terrorists : Positive Peace

I have been here for over 8 months and have lived through 2 tragic occurrences of serial bomb blasts. I’ve been to the places where the blasts took place in the past. I could’ve easily been the victim. Just as I could’ve easily been the victim of the blasts in the Mumbai trains. It is beyond the cops with the current security infrastructure to track down the explosives and defuse them in time. I strongly feel we need security cameras monitoring activity in every public place. Not just one or two but several cameras covering every possible suspicious activity, everywhere in all the metros and larger towns. It is so easy to plant bombs in every public place. A person can walk around and silently place it in some discrete corner or even under a chair and just disappear and then trigger the bomb at will.

For the media its simply business, they are happy that they have some interesting masala news which they can keep streaming in as Breaking News on their channels. One particular channel was showing live gruesome footage of blood and dead bodies/body parts at the crime scene with an apology for the images being so horrid. WHAT IS THE POINT? Why are you showing it if you feel it is inappropriate, isnt there some sort of censorship on the kind of gore that can be shown on TV? Did your channel plant the bomb? Did the terrorist call you up and let you know so that you could be the first one to broadcast this? What are you so proud of? You are all smiles that you could put it up on your channel before the others could reach there? Did your TV crew bother to help the injured who didn’t have enough ambulances available at that moment?

Zero security, insufficient rescue efforts, super bureaucracy, commercial news channels and ever-rising prices come along with the drudgery of being a middle class or a lower class person. These are the harsh truths of being an Indian, there is absolutely no security. Bribes are a way of life. There are positives, but these negatives cannot be ignored and they are the ones that always haunt us perpetually.

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