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Uncategorized : Positive Peace

Royal Enfield 350cc and the other bikes that followed it.

It was as bad ass, wild and rowdy a bunch of Googlers from Hyderabad could get on a Saturday morning at 5 am. Hooligans set out on a bike trip. We were Peace Hippies and not Hell’s Angels. We didnt have weapons, we had bikes. We didn’t want to drag race and make fun of someone. We just wanted to go and feel the wind.

Photos are here.

Lesson learnt: Always wear a helmet and shoes.

Every blogger’s new year resolution… to blog more this year. 2007 was good… a different year. Almost entirely non-academic and was on the payrolls of a company for all the 12 months of the year for the 1st time.

I just stopped blogging in the last 5 months. Not that I didnt have things to say, I had opinions, but never got myself to actually blog. Can rant about stuff like 3 hdd crashes and the server downtime, and the new Dreamhost server and what not. In short, i have excuses.

How did i transition from 2007 to 2008? I was sleeping at home. I fell asleep arnd 11pm and woke up briefly for a min at 3 am! I woke up again at 7.30 and got ready and left for work! Yes, I volunteered to work today. I like the year, its the year of the Olympics and its a new start, I can tell myself that forget the undone things of 2007 and make it happen now. I guess that is why we have Quarters and Months, to compartmentalize our thoughts and keep making fresh starts. I kinda like it.

An iPod that plays music for everyone who visits me 🙂

Iron Maiden concert was mad, violent, loud, melodic, a dream, exhaustive, great trip, mostly bad opening acts,  and a great great great show, probably the biggest rock/metal concert to happen in the country. Why did it get over so quickly?

Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds and Mark Shuttleworth (mostly through Google Video) are instigating and inspiring me to buy a piece of hardware and get focussed on GNU-Linux. Frankly, Linux is my exile. The parting has been long and I miss it.

Life is back at peace.

Finished watching the 3 seasons of Entourage. Contemplating to  start watching Prison Break.


My backpack is packed, and i’m ready to go…

I am standing here outside the elevator door

I hate to wait for the slow lift

But the dawn ‘ll break 2moro early mornin

The Indica is waitin’, blowin his whistle

Already I’m so excited I could sing

So diss me and email me

Tell me that you wont use trademark terms

and you will upload bulks only for me

Cause I’m leeeaving ….on Kacheguda Express

I know i’ll be back on Monday morning…

Oh babe… I so wanna go….

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